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Others In Attendance: CEO: Steve Bass, Cooper Crane BUDGET: Larry Soule FINANCE: Anne Marie Berg, James Fennell, Patty Jones LAW: John Nonna, Stacey Dolgin-Kmetz, Linda Trentacoste BOL: MaryJane Shimsky, Gordon Burrows, Kitley Covill, Dennis Power, Greg Casciato, Jason Chervokas, Javon Boxhill, Matt Richter, Chris Crane, Debby Linhardt, Alessandra Restiano, Tina Limengo, Melanie Montalto




Law: County Attorney John Nonna

Budget: Budget Director Larry  Soule

Finance: Commissioner Anne Marie Berg

1. RES-2018-187 : PH-Westchester County Room Occupancy Tax Signed by Committee

A Public Hearing on "A LOCAL LAW amending Chapter 285 of the Laws of Westchester County relating to the Westchester County Room Occupancy Tax." [Public Hearing set for December 3, 2018 at 11 a.m.; Local Law Intro 2018-11376.]

Please refer to item # 2

On motion of Legislator Parker and seconded by Legislator A. Williams, this item was approved as amended with a vote of 8 - 0.

a. PH-Westchester County Room Occupancy Tax-DRAFT
b. PH-Westchester County Room Occupancy Tax-Signed by Committee
2. LL-2018-16 : Westchester County Room Occupancy Tax Signed by Committee

A LOCAL LAW amending Chapter 285 of the Laws of Westchester County relating to the Westchester County Room Occupancy Tax.

Mr. Nonna began by giving some background on the legislation. Back in the spring, the County was approached by representatives of Airbnb about entering into a voluntary agreement for them to collect a hotel occupancy tax. They had entered into this agreement with other counties in New York State. In order to move forward we first have to amend our occupancy tax law to define it so it would include Airbnb type rentals. They are still negotiating the agreement, but are now ready to submit the legislation to start moving through the legislative process because they have almost completed the negotiations.

Ms. Trentacoste walked the committees through the changes, noting that definitions had been changed to remove "four rooms" The rest of the definitions have been altered to in order to mirror that which NYS and New York City have done for room remarketers. We have changed the language to include not only remarketers like Expedia, but also Airbnb and other internet-based platforms.

The Section 2 amends the exempt organizations to eliminate the limitation of the four marketable rooms.

Section 3 amends the room occupancy tax law to include internet transactions relating to the occupancy of any room within the territorial limits of Westchester County.

Section 4 requires an electronic version of the certificate of authority which is something that the Commissioner of Finance issues to the hotels locally and that such certificate be posted on the internet

Section 5 amends the Laws of Westchester County to authorize Westchester County to enter into this agreement with Airbnb. Ms. Trentacoste noted that this is one of the things that they especially wanted with respect to this legislation.

Section 6 relates to record keeping and requiring that Internet platforms also maintain records of transactions for a period of up to 3 years so that we can do appropriate auditing.

Section 7 clarifies the power of the Commissioner of Finance to audit and subpoena records relating to the room occupancy tax, if necessary.

Section 8 relates to any references to the occupancy tax and must clearly state that it is an occupancy tax, not anything else.

Section 9 - new section-tax fraud-is very similar to the NYC tax fraud section dealing with unlawful actions by entities seeking to avoid the occupancy tax.

Section 10 applies to the applicability of other laws, particularly the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law.

Section 11 sets the date to take effect for Dec. 1. 2018.

Ms. Trentacoste mentioned there is a lawsuit pending, but does not apply to Airbnb. It is currently on appeal and is on the calendar for early next year.  Ms. Trentacoste explained that now the Airbnb site will have the certificate, not each separate location. Commissioner of Finance Berg  noted that each hotel, if they want to be compliant with the current law submits an application with name of organization and if it's in good standing, they will issue a certificate of authority. This law is saying that since this is internet based, the certificate would have to be posted on their website. There is no law that would require this tax be shared with the local municipalities. The tax is collected quarterly. Legislator Covill noted two errors under definition of Operator- 1st sentence put "a" before the word "hotel". 3rd sentence - correct spelling of "sublesee" to "sublessee".  A discussion followed. Legislator  Barr suggested changing the effective date to January, 1, 2019.

On motion of Legislator Parker and seconded by Legislator A. Williams, this item was approved as amended with a vote of 8 - 0.


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a. LOCAL LAW-Westchester County Room Occupancy Tax-DRAFT
b. Local Law-Westchester County Room Occupancy Tax-SIGNED BY COMMITTEE

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