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Roll Call

Guests in Attendance: Finance: AnnMarie Berg Budget: Larry Soule, Gideon Grande OFW: Robin Schlaff, Stephanie Dechiaro PRC: Kathy O'Connor, Peter Tartaglia, David DeLucia LAW: John Nonna, Vincent Toomey CSEA: Karen Pecora, Larry Sparber

1. Minutes of Oct 1, 2018 2:30 PM Accepted

On motion of Legislator Covill, seconded by Legislator Maher the minutes were approved 8 - 0.

1. ACT-2018-169 : Agreement between the County of Westchester and the D.A,'s Investigators PBA of Westchester County Signed by Committee

AN ACT approving certain financial terms and conditions of employment requiring legislative approval by law in a Collective Bargaining Agreement for those employees of Westchester County represented by the District Attorney's Investigators PBA of Westchester County, Inc. for a four (4) year period commencing on January 1, 2016 and ending on December 31, 2019.

Chief Negotiator Vince Toomey discussed the agreement reached between the County and District Attorney’s Investigators PBA which will affect around 40 people. Mr . Toomey explained that the agreement has parity with other police unions (Corrections and Public Safety) and that there are only a few differences between the two contracts. He stated that the retroactive age increase would be 2.5% in 2016-2018 and 2.75% in 2018. He went on further to discuss longevity and shift differential become effective in 2019. The only one that goes retroactive to 2018 is an increase in the welfare fund due to a potential shortfall if not covered.  Leg. Williams asked:  “What is the welfare fund?” Ms. Berg stated the welfare fund pays for some of the benefits for the employees like dental, vision, life insurance and sometimes legal if its included in their contract. Leg. L. Williams also asked about health insurance. Mr. Toomey responded that it was part of the last agreement and that it hasn’t changed. Lastly, Leg. L. Williams asked Mr. Soule for any additional comments on the contract. Mr. Soule discussed that the fiscal impact would be around $712,000 on the 2018 budget in which a portion of that would retroactive and in 2019 there’s a projection of $518,000 which is a relatively small financial impact.


With a motion by Legislator Maher and seconded by Legislator Burrows the item was approved with a vote of 8-0.

a. ACT - Agreement between the County of Westchester and the D.A,'s Investigators PBA of Westchester County - DRAFT
b. MEMO_ Directly into Committee_BA - Act - Agreement between the County of Westchester and DA Investigators PBA of Westchester County

Unfinished Business and any other agenda items to come before the Committee.



Moved by Legislator Shimsky seconded by Legislator Johnson the Committee adjourned at {MinutesClosed:h:mm tt}.