Meeting will be held at:
Westchester Putnam Central Labor Body AFL-CIO
575 West Hartsdale Avenue
White Plains, NY 10607


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Roll Call

Others In Attendance: AFL-CIO members: Jen Puja, Dominick Cassanelli, Jr., Louis Bouche, Richard McSpedon, Bryan Doherty, Zina Klein, Jayne Cammissa, Louis Picani, Diane Jaulus, Joe Mahew, Florence McCue, Tom Carey BOL Staff: Melanie Montalto, Tina Limengo, Alessandra Restiano, John Filiberti

1. Minutes of Apr 18, 2018 11:00 AM Accepted

On motion of Legislator Maher, seconded by Legislator Tubiolo the minutes were approved 6-0.


- A Fair Chance to Work Act

- Apprenticeship Programs

- Earned Sick Leave

- IDA reform

- Site visits to the County & State Mental Health Facilities

Legislator Tubiolo opened the meeting with discussion on the IDA and Apprenticeship Programs.  He mentioned that there was a change to the IDA bylaws and he would send the link to the members. 

Legislator Tubiolo asked Rich McSpedon to discuss the recent meeting the County Executive had this past July with several members including State Delegation.  He discussed there will be several IDA summits.  He mentioned that there are concerns regarding language including residency clauses, prevailing wage and apprenticeship clauses.   He discussed the PTA- Pathway To Apprenticeship and working with the Yonkers IDA. 

Florence McCue discussed that the IDA language needs to have strong enforcement provision, a way to fulfill enforcement and claw back provision. 

Louis Picani talked about the new hire by the County Executive.  CE Latimer hired Allie Restaino to monitor Union jobs. 

Discussion was held regarding setting up an additional meeting in September with the Building and Trades Council, 456 and Mayor of New Rochelle regarding the projects and the hiring of non-Union companies in New Rochelle.

There was a discussion on having a meeting with the members and the Business Council of Westchester to discuss apprenticeship programs.

A question was brought up about who follows and enforces the construction projects for the County?  Is it DPW or Consumer Affairs?

Mr. McSpedon mentioned again about the Summit Meetings, he will forward the dates once received.

Legislator Tubiolo opened discussion regarding the Trades Day.   It was discussed that there is not one in Westchester only in Rockland.  Ms. McCue discussed that the Teachers Union holds forums on Student Loan Clinics.  She mentioned they have classes on loan forgiveness, and which banks are better for lower interest rates. 

Legislator Borgia discussed the Fair Chance to Work Act also known as “Ban the Box”.  She mentioned that there was an Executive Order signed by CE Latimer removing the question on all Westchester County Applications.  The Committee on Labor & Housing will be discussing the Act at their September 24th meeting.

Legislator Borgia also mentioned the Earned Sick Leave Law.  They are expecting it to be signed out of committee this week.  She mentioned there were several forums held in the Community-Yonkers and Ossining.  They are planning to have one in the Northern part of the County.  She thanked the Coalition for all the time and effort put into the Law.

Legislator Tubiolo opened the discussion on Mental Health Clinics. He congratulated Diane Jaulus on becoming the President of PEF and turned the conversation over to her.  She discussed the Mental Health clinics in Middletown, NY.  She mentioned that the when an employee’s leaves for whatever reason they are not replaced.  This is causing a serious situation within the clinic.  These are intensive programs and the clinics are now understaffed.   ACT teams refuse to go to clinics.  Are there any clinics in Westchester?  Ms. Jaulus said that she believed there were clinics in Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Peekskill and White Plains.  She discussed that most of the PEF employees are CSEA members. 

Mr. Picani mentioned that a lot of the mental health issues are related to the Opioid crisis.  These patients are not treated properly.  He discussed that the jails are overloaded and not able to treat the inmates that have mental health issues.  A lot falls on the Department of Corrections. 

The Legislators discussed having a joint meeting of the Budget & Appropriations Committee and the Social Services Committee, invite Commissioner Orth to discuss the re-entry process, information regarding the clinics and closing.  They also mentioned seeing if it is possible to have a site visit.   There was discussion to have a meeting with the State delegation regarding the Mental Health Clinics. 

The members discussed the incident at the Westchester Medical Center on August 8, 2018.  Discussion was held on why there cannot be a County police officer/ armed guard on site.   Safety measure needs to be put in place for Hospital.

Brian Doherty mentioned that he was looking to see if there is funds to have a study  done for firefighting and getting more mutual aide or all out consolidation for fire companies.






Unfinished Business and any other agenda items to come before the Committee.



Moved by Legislator Tubiolo seconded by Legislator Shimsky the Committee adjourned at {MinutesClosed:h:mm tt}.