Term 2012-13 (Government Operations)
Committee Meeting
11/5/2012 3:00 PM
Committee Room
148 Martine Avenue, 8th Floor   White Plains, NY 10601

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Others In Attendance: CEO: G. Oros, K. Delgado, M. Mahon PRC: K. O'Connor, P. Tartaglia, J. Baker, D. DeLucia PLANNING:E. Buroughs, N. Drummond DPWT: J. Pisco LAW: T. Altschiller BOL: D. Cabbibo, L. Goldstein, T. Staudter, A.Amiano GUESTS: Y. Robinson, K. Schatzel, J. Zagoria

1. Minutes of Oct 22, 2012 3:00 PM

On motion of Legislator Smith, seconded by Legislator Williams, the minutes were approved 5 - 0.

2. Minutes of Oct 23, 2012 10:00 AM

On motion of Legislator Smith, seconded by Legislator Williams, the minutes were approved 5 - 0.





Mr. Pisco stated that the Westchester County Airport was still without power but was operating on generator power and that flights had resumed late Tuesday afternoon.  Bus service had been suspended Monday & Tuesday; service resumed Wednesday morning, some routes were detoured due to obstructions in the road.  There were trees down in many places-  N. Salem, Bedford and Pound Ridge. They couldn't remove trees that were touching wires because they had to wait for Con Edison. The Bronx River Parkway had been closed at 6am Monday morning and reopened Wednesday morning. DPW spent two days cleaning up trees and debris.  Many lights on the Bronx River Parkway were not operating.  Virginia Road had power returned this morning.  Major intersections that were dangerous because their lights were out, were barricaded. The Fulton Avenue Bridge can't be assessed for damage because it has no power but they do know there was damage to its lights. 




Ms. Mahon noted that the  Quarterly Report was being sent out today.  Ms. Drummond then updated the Committee on some of the report.  The Central Intake System -  Numbers are pretty consistent quarter to quarter.  There have been about 330 families signing up each quarter. Total number of sign-ups is 2,687 an increase of 334 in the last quarter.  The percentages of the different races and ethnicities have also stayed the same.  The largest number of applicants was from Westchester residents-1,208.  The second largest group was from the Bronx. 343 of the 1707 applications were for eligible communities; the largest number of applications is from Yonkers.  Requests for homeownership are the largest; 679 applicants have signed up for both rental and homeownership.  The largest group of applicants are for two person households. Race-the largest group of applicants are African-American-42%; 21% are white.  Ethnicity-21% provided no answer; 32% are hispanic; 47% are non-hispanic.  There have been 60,000 unique visitors to the website-24,000 looked at actual sites. The system is definitely working.  Marketing -There are 87 units that are completed and marketed- Pelham, Roundtop, Wildwood in Bedford - Ms. Drummond then went on to give race and ethnicity for occupied units and number of how many applicants have applied for the completed units. 


Ms. Borgia asked if we have any feedback from the Monitor or HUD on the marketing plan or whether the numbers were acceptable to them.  Ms. Drummond replied that their obligation is to do an analysis of the marketing.  They have done that, but have not heard anything from the Monitor.


The Monitor has received several funding advisories on developments and Comm. Buroughs noted that there is one report due on the Court order on the zoning analysis-the additional information is due on Nov. 22.




Work had started on the bridge and they are waiting to do the north side of the Saw Mill River parkway because a light is out at Lawrence St. And they don't want to cause further disruption in traffic.  On Friday, they will go back to work and on Monday are planning to start on the north side of the Thruway.  They have to wait for the light to be fixed and then will start work on the Saw Mill River Parkway.




Mr. Pisco noted that they were going by the most recent bridge report and there is no formal plan.  Teams were sent to the bridges with low ratings to look for any significant changes or deterioration.  Without a bucket truck or stopping traffic it is difficult to do a lot; they are limited to what they can see.  They have looked for changes in the scour in bridges above a river.  Ms. Borgia asked, judging from the inspections made they had asked for anything additional in the 2013 budget?  Mr. Pisco stated that they had added the Midland Ave. bridge.  Ms. Borgia asked what, if any, work has DPWT planned for those bridges that are below the standards?  Mr. Pisco didn't have additional information.




This item will be rescheduled.




- RB096 - Lexington Ave., CR22, Mt. Kisco 

- BPL12 - Tarrytown, Kensico Trailway

- BPL50 - 3372 Old Crompond Rd.

- BPL10 - Palmer Ave. 

- BO14C - Infrastructure Repairs, White Plains Complex 2011-2015

- BO42A - Roof Replacement - Various 2007-2011


This discussion was postponed.




1. ACT-2012-173 : Jay Property Estate Restoration/Maintenance

An ACT authorizing the County, acting through the Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, to enter into a three-party Agreement with New York State and the Jay Heritage Center pursuant to which the County and NYS Parks will grant JHC a license to develop, manage, operate, maintain, secure and administer the Jay Property for park and recreational uses.

Tom Alworth, Deputy Comm. Of NYS Parks participated in the discussion by phone and discussed why this agreement was in the best interests of all concerned.  This agreement is a good example of leveraging the private sector and having two different branches of government working together.  It would enable a not-for-profit to partner with the government to raise funds to take care of this site.  Tami Altschiller explained the legislation and the different schedules.  It is a three party agreement with the Jay Heritage Center, the County and the NYS Parks Dept.  It grants the Jay Heritage Center a license to maintain, develop, operate and administer the Jay Property.  She noted that the legislation does not given Jay Heritage Center any property rights or interest.  The NYS Dept. Of Parks and the County Parks Department must approve all plans submitted by Jay Heritage Center.


Mr. Burrows asked if this requires A&C approval and approval by the Board of Legislators and asked for the authority for the decision and would like a memo of law.  Ms. Altshiller said that there had been many discussions on this issue and her understanding was that they have decided to go ahead and receive this legislation.


Ms. Myers asked if this has been seen by the Friends of Marshlands?  Mr. Baker of PRC replied that the President has seen it and approved it.  She noted that the Heritage Society has done a great job with restoration and public programs.  Ms. Borgia noted that this legislation will work well with the Marshlands.


On motion of Legislator Myers and seconded by Legislator Ryan this item was approved with a vote of 6 to 0.

a. COMM-Memo Leg-Agreement re: Jay Estate restoration/maintenance-DRAFT
b. ACT-Cooperation & Maintenance Agmt-Jay Property
c. Memo-Restoration & Maintenance-Jay Property
d. ACT-Cooperation & Maintenance Agmt-Jay Property-DRAFT 2

Forwarding a RESOLUTION urging the immediate release by the Department of Housing and Urban Development of all funds withheld since May of 2011.

a. RESO-Release of HUD funding-DRAFT
3. ACT-2013-12 : BOND -RB03F-Ardsley Rd over Bronx River Pkwy

A BOND ACT authorizing the County of Westchester to issue up to FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND ($450,000) DOLLARS in bonds of the County to finance Capital Project RB03F- Ardsley Road over Bronx River and Bronx River Parkway.

Mr. Pisco noted this legislation is for design and is for $450,000.  This bridge is over the Bronx River and the Bronx River Parkway.  It has deteriorated concrete. The work is for removal and replacement of the roadway, pavement, sidewalks, waterproofing membrane, stone facing and for the parapets to be repaired and repointed.  There is erosion and some scour related problems caused by the river.  It's a rigid frame, arched bridge and should be taken care of it right away.  The design would be done by a consultant, not in-house, but Mr. Pisco didn't have any information on the timing of the work.  Ms. Borgia suggested that this be put off for a week until Mr. Pisco has all the information.

a. BOND ACT-RB03F-Ardsley Rd over Bronx River Pkwy-DRAFT
4. ACT-2012-164 : BOND-RGIP5-Gen'l InfrastructureRoofing Systems

A BOND ACT authorizing the issuance of EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND ($800,000) DOLLARS in bonds of the County to finance Capital Project RGIP5- General Infrastructure-Roofing Systems.

Mr. DeLucia of the Parks Department stated that the design portion of this project was very small.  It doesn't really need to have two separate parts.  The design piece can be finished in a short amount of time.  If they can bond everything at once there will be no time wasted in getting it done.  No outside design was necessary, just putting the construction work out to bid.  Mr. DeLucia listed his priorities as the Croton Gorge, Sprain Lake Park and Mountain Lakes.  The picnic shelters were at a lower priority.  He noted that not all of the roofs needed to be replaced; some just needed repairs.


On motion of Legislator Myers and seconded by Legislator Ryan this item was approved with a vote of 5 to 0.

a. BOND ACT-RGIP5-Gen'l Infrastructure-Roofing Systems-DRAFT
5. ACT-2012-161 : Alternative Energy Generation Feasibility Review

An ACT authorizing Westchester County, acting by through its Department of Public Works and Transportation, to conduct examination of all County-owned facilities to determine the feasibility of alternative energy generation including solar and geothermal.

Ms. Borgia noted that this agreement would provide that, for any capital project or any kind of County-owned facilities,  DPWT would look at alternative energy to see if it is feasible for the project.  DPWT has a common practice of doing this and  the legislation would just formalize it.


On motion of Legislator Shimsky and seconded by Legislator Williams this item was approved with a vote of 5 to 0.

a. ACT-Alternative Energy Generation Feasiblity Review-DRAFT
b. ACT- Alternative Energy Feasibility Review-FINAL
6. ACT-2012-165 : DES Main Facility Renovation

AN ACT authorizing and directing the Department of Public Works and Transportation to perform certain repairs to the roof of the Department of Emergency Services Main Facility.

Ms. Borgia noted that on July 30th, the Board had passed a resolution that transferred $1.5million from the fund balance into the non recurring repairs account in order to do the most urgent repairs.  While we were working out the full BES05 bond appropriation this money would be available for emergency repairs.  Mr. Pisco stated that since the Hurricane the roof is in even worse shape than it had been before. He noted that there is enough money in the fund to pay for the repairs to the roof.   There was a lengthy discussion with Mr. Oros concerning the original BES05 legislation.  Please go to  http://westchestercountyny.iqm2.com/Citizens/SplitView.aspx?Mode=Video&MeetingID=2528&AgendaID=2360&FileFormat=pdf&Format=Agenda&MediaFileFormat=wmv to view the full discussion.

a. ACT-DES Main Facility Renovation-DRAFT

Unfinished Business and any other agenda items to come before the Committee.


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