Public Safety
Committee Meeting
11/13/2012 9:00 AM
Committee Room
148 Martine Avenue, 8th Floor   White Plains, NY 10601

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Others In Attendance: CORRECTION: K. Cheverko, J. Pruyne LAW: J. Castro-Blanco BOL: L. Goldstein


1. Minutes of Oct 22, 2012 9:00 AM

On motion of Legislator Ryan, seconded by Legislator Harckham the minutes were approved 4 - 0.




Commissioner Cheverko and Deputy Commissioner Pruyne of the Department of Correction discussed the NY Correct Care Solutions contract at the County Jail.  Commissioner Cheverko handed out several reports including expense statements and a statistical report.  He noted that this was a full risk contract which means that if Correct Care goes over the agreed upon amount the they will have to pay the overage.  The base amount will change with the medical CPI which was 3.4%.  The contract for 2013 will be $15,092,000.


Mr. Ryan asked what are the reporting requirements of CCS to the Correction Department?  Commissioner Cheverko replied that CCS is required to submit a biannual and an annual financial report, also monthly statistics regarding TB testing, mental health, sick call, history & physicals, all routine things.  On top of that, Correction Department executive staff meets with CCS three times a week at DOC. 


Mental health screening and medical health assessments are done at admission by CCS.  The State Commission on Corrections provides mandatory standards for admission. The Department is accredited by the ACA and has 100% compliance.  NCHC will do their assessment in early December.


Mr. Harckham asked how many people were retained from the Medical Center?  Mr. Cheverko stated that it was very low at first and over the last two years they have had more come back but he didn't have an exact number.  Mr. Harckham asked for that information to be sent to the Committee.


Ms. Perez asked some questions submitted by Leg. Williams concerning the cost of using Mt. Vernon Medical Center and if any other hospitals are used? How many patients stay overnight?  Comm. Cheverko said they had paid the hospital $1.2 million over the last 2 years.  The cost of transporting prisoners is approximately $50,000. They average about 10 hospital trips a month. Mt. Vernon Hospital is used for more routine medical conditions.  Westchester Medical Center is used for more difficult conditions.  They only use those two hospitals.  They have also expanded their use of in-house medical clinics.  They average about 30 clinics a month including PT, infectious disease, optometry, podiatry, ob-gyn.  This cuts down on transportation costs.  Chair Perez asked another question from Leg. Williams: Why are manacled prisoners brought through the Mt. Vernon Hospital Emergency room and not through a separate route?  Comm. Cheverko replied that Leg. Williams had requested that there be a mechanism put in place to separate the prisoners from the other patients.  Correction had worked with Mt. Vernon Hospital on a capital program to do this, but because of the financial situation at the hospital, it fell through.  As of right now, there is no designated area for the prisoners to enter, although discussions are continuing.  As to prisoner staying overnight, if prisoners need to stay overnight, they will be up on the State DOCS ward. The volume of prisoners at Mt. Vernon is mostly state prisoners and the ward is a State DOC ward although the County still keeps a presence there if one of our prisoners is housed at the hospital. Mental health care is in-house, but if someone needs overnight care, they use NY Central in Utica, NY.


Mr. Harckham noted that the August 15, 2012 memo stated that the Estimated Expenses Incurred vs. Budgeted Amounts FYE July 25, 2012 and supporting detail.  He asked for that report to be sent to the Committee.


Ms. Perez also asked that the Medical Disaster Plan be sent to the Committee.


Unfinished Business and any other agenda items to come before the Committee.


Moved by Legislator Ryan seconded by Legislator Harckham the Committee on Public Safety & Security adjourned at {MinutesClosed:h:mm tt}.

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