Term 2012-13 (Government Operations)
Committee Meeting
6/12/2012 10:00 AM
Committee Room
148 Martine Avenue, 8th Floor   White Plains, NY 10601

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Roll Call

Others In Attendance: CEO: G. Oros, M. Mahon, K. Delgado, H. Miller, J. Moccio, PLANNING: E. Buroughs, N. Drummond, PRC: K. O'Connor, D. Delucia PUBLIC SAFETY: G. Longworth DPWT: P. Chemka BOL: D. Linhardt, A. Moncada, L. Goldstein, C. Crane, S. Bass, A. Smyth GUESTS: J. Zagoria, K. Schatzel, S. Doherty, W. Spector, K. Belfer, P. Tripodi, A. Roberts.


1. Minutes of May 22, 2012 10:00 AM

On motion of Legislator Harckham, seconded by Legislator Smith the minutes were approved 7 - 0.

2. Minutes of Jun 5, 2012 10:00 AM

On motion of Legislator Smith, seconded by Legislator Shimsky the minutes were approved 7 - 0.


Housing Implementation Plan


Ms. Drummond noted that the first quarter Quarterly Report contains a summary of the fair marketing plan efforts. She explained that each development must hire a marketing consultant to reach a nine county area including Fairfield County, CT and the five counties of New York City.  The must define the least likely to apply, based on who doesn't live within a 1-2 mile radius of the development; it must be  a minimum population of at least 5,000 people.  The marketing plan must reach out specifically to these populations.


She then discussed several of the developments and noted that the response has been very diverse. The goal is to get at least 5 applications for every unit available in case some applicants don't qualify, family is too big etc. There should be a waiting list.  All applicants are chosen through a lottery.


Mr. Harckham asked if there could be an expedited process for filling a vacant unit as opposed to new units.  There can be three months of lost rent to either a non-profit or for-profit landlord.  Ms. Drummond replied that they are looking into the matter perhaps doing marketing and creating a waiting list prior to availability.


Ms. Drummond noted that will probably be no changes to the marketing plan at present because they are seeing diversity in applications and believe the plan is working well.


Ms. Borgia asked about the adoption of the Model Ordinance by municipalities.  Mr. Buroughs replied that four additional communities are in active talks and one more, Pleasantville has adopted the Ordinance, making 9 municipalities that have approved the Model Ordinance.


Ms. Mahon stated that there are 197 units with financing in place of which 109 had building permits pulled.  The county has reviewed at least two sites in all 31 municipalities.  She also noted that Planning has been receiving questions concerning the Discretionary Funding Policy.


Ms. Borgia asked what the 2010 Census Analysis showed about Westchester.  Ms. Mahon said it showed there was an over 50% increase in diversity in the eligible communities in the last ten years.



Ossining Police Building


Ms. Borgia noted  that in the 2011 agreement with Ossining there was a discussion about an analysis to be done about the space needs of the Department of Public Safety. She asked if there was an actual analysis of the need for the building. 


Comm. Longworth stated that when the agreement was negotiated Public Safety was somewhat squeezed for space. The building in Ossining was used for extra space and to establish a police presence in the Village of Ossining.  Since then, the Armory was turned over to Public Safety, which resulted in the addition of an additional 25,000 feet of space.  In addition to that a master plan was undertaken to rehabilitate the academy and relocate many functions of the department.  Recently, Supervisor Donnelly communicated with Public Safety asking to modify the agreement to allow Ossining to sell the building or use it for another purpose.  Public Safety  no longer needs the property and will move ahead with plans to vacate the building.


They are currently conducting a study and design for rehabbing the Armory.  Ms. Borgia asked about an analysis of need. Commissioner Longworth said they had never planned on using the building and that it was at the request of the Town that they were using the building and that for the future most of their operations will be carried out at the Armory.


Ms. Borgia stated that in order to enable consolidation and provide savings to other communities in the future, the County Police need to be strategically located in Westchester.




Ms. Chemka and Mr. Oros discussed the Aiport Master Plan.  Ms. Chemka explained that they were very diligent in getting legislation passed for the County to be able to execute an agreement with the FAA.  Congress modified the federal share from 95% to 90% which required the County to contribute an additional 5%. 


Ms. Borgia asked what specifically we needed to do to move ahead with the Airport Plan.  Ms. Chemka replied that they had thought they could just modify  the legislation but after meeting with the Budget department they were advised that a CBA was needed for the project in order to change the financing.  She noted that we need additional funds from the Airport Revenue Fund to support this project.


There was a discussion on why a Capital Budget Amendment was needed.  Ms. Borgia asked if they actually had to show that the County has the resources for the full 10% in order to perfect our application?  Ms. Chemka replied that we did.


Ms. Borgia asked for a breakdown of the project fact sheet.  Ms. Rhodes asked for a reconciliation from 1999 to the present.


Ms. Shimsky asked if we will be borrowing the entire 10% and Ms. Chemka replied that we will not.  She then said that this project is time sensitive because we need to submit bids for the FAA to review with the application.


1. RES-2012-69 : ENV RES-RGIP7-General Infras Active Rec

A RESOLUTION determining there will be no significant impact to the environment from Capital Project RGIP7-General Infrastructure Active Recreation, Willson's Woods Park.

Commissioner O'Connor and Mr. DeLucia explained the work planned for Willson's Woods. 


Ms. Borgia asked about the costs for design.  Mr. DeLucia explained that the design was already finished  and was a small expense that the Department of Parks had absorbed through operating costs. The design was done in-house and was not charged back to capital project.


On motion of Legislator Ryan and seconded by Legislator Shimsky this item was approved with a vote of 7 to 0.

a. ENVRES-RGIP7-General Infras Active Rec-DRAFT
b. ENVRES-RGIP7-General Infras Active Rec-DRAFT 2
2. ACT-2012-109 : BOND-RGIP7-General Infras Active Rec

A BOND ACT authorizing the issuance of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND ($500,000) DOLLARS in bonds of the County to finance Capital Project RGIP7-General Infrastructure Active Recreation- Willson's Woods Park.

On motion of Legislator Ryan and seconded by Legislator Shimsky this item was approved with a vote of 7 to 0.


a. BOND-RGIP7-General Infras Active Rec-DRAFT
b. BOND RGIP7-General Infras Active Rec-Draft 2
3. ACT-2012-75 : Quitclaim Deed-Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc.

An ACT authorizing the execution and delivery of a quitclaim deed to Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc. for approximately 7.17 acres of property in the Town of Greenburgh.

Ms. Borgia asked Comm. Buroughs to comment on the quitclaim deed issue.  Mr. Buroughs noted that there was actually a map filed which did show this property as part of the Saw Mill River parkway project.  Subsequently, there was a map filed that excluded this parcel.  At no time did the County ever take possession of this title.  When the company was trying to sell the property, the later map was found and as a result, Akzo Chemical did not have clear title to the property.


The sale of the property is pending on this.


Ms. Shimsky asked if the surrounding communities have been notified of this.  Mr. Buroughs said they had not and Ms. Shimsky asked to discuss this again next week to give her time to discuss it with the local communities. 



a. ACT-Quitclaim Deed-Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc.-DRAFT
4. 5301 : West Co FAH Program-Quarterly Report 1Q 2012

Forwarding a copy of the Westchester County/Fair and Affordable Housing Program: submission of Quarterly Report for 1Q 2012.

a. COMM-West Co FAH Program-Quarterly Report 1Q 2012-DRAFT
5. 5350 : HON. KEN JENKINS: Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Correspondence to Committee Chair Borgia requesting a meeting of the Committee on Government Operations be convened to review the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System at the Westchester County Airport.

Ms. Chemka noted that the Perimeter Detection System is not for birds.  It detects intruders through or under the fence ie - deer, small animals.  They are currently in the process of add new fencing to keep out burrowing animals. 


They have a wildlife specialist who employs various methods to deal with the birds.  As the birds get bolder new methods will have to be developed to deal with them.  Westchester Airport is not alone in having this problem, it occurs at many airports.


a. Jenkins- G County Airport Perimeter Instrusion Detection System DRAFT

Legislator Borgia made a motion to change the meeting quorum to three and the voting quorum to four.  Ms. Shimsky seconded and the motion was passed with a vote of 7 - 0.


Unfinished Business and any other agenda items to come before the Committee.



1. 4985 : HON. JUDITH MYERS: Request for Funding-Pine Brook Prop Owner's Assoc

Forwarding a correspondence a request for park funding from the Pine Brook District Property Owner's Association.

With a motion by Legislator Shimsky and seconded by Legislator Williams the item below was received & filed with a vote of 7 to 0.

a. COMM-Request for Funding-Pine Brook Prop Owner's Assoc-DRAFT
2. 5202 : HON. KENNETH JENKINS: ResidentComplaints-RiverPointeDrumHill-Peekskill

Forwarding correspondence from the Tenants of River Pointe at Drum Hill- Peekskill as addressed to Governor Andrew Cuomo outlining their numerous grievances with their housing management company, Conifer LLC.

a. COMM-ResidentComplaints-RiverPointeDrumHill-Peekskill-DRAFT

Moved by Legislator Williams seconded by Legislator Shimsky the Committee on Government Operations adjourned at {MinutesClosed:h:mm tt} with a vote of 7 - 0.


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