Public Safety
Committee Meeting
5/29/2012 9:00 AM
Committee Room
148 Martine Avenue, 8th Floor   White Plains, NY 10601

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Roll Call

Others In Attendance: CEO: K. Delgado, J. Guiney, H. Miller CORRECTION: W. Mazzuca, K. Volmer PUBLIC SAFETY: M. MCGlynn, B. Monohan BOL: D. Linhardt, S. Bass, C. Crane, D.Gomez, L. Goldstein


1. Minutes of May 14, 2012 9:00 AM

On motion of Legislator Harckham, seconded by Legislator Gelfarb the minutes were approved 3 - 0.

1. 4883 : IMA - For-Hire Vehicles County/Municipalities

ACT authorizing Westchester County to enter into inter-municipal agreements with one or more Municipal Corporations pursuant to which the Municipality, through its police department will assist the County in enforcing the County's For-Hire Vehicle Law, Chapter 270 of the Westchester County Administrative Code.

Ms. Perez referred to a press release that indicated that the TLC had already began training the police in Tuckahoe and that they had already begun to issue tickets. She asked Ms. Monohan, Director of the Taxi and Limousine Commission and Marty McGlynn, Chief Inspector, Westchester County Police, why this had all started before an IMA was signed?


Ms. Monohan stated that they started training Tuckahoe police because the Chief informed the Commissioner that unless the Tuckahoe police were trained during a certain period of time, they would have to use overtime to train.  


Mr. Harckham asked under what legal authority were they able to write the tickets if the IMA was not passed? Ms. Monohan replied that the IMA only allows us to share money with the municipalities. Under the County's for-hire vehicles law, any police department can be trained to give out those summonses, we just can't share the revenue with them.


Ms. Monohan noted that the great majority of tickets given to for-hire vehicles were because they were not duly permitted.  She noted that they usually come from out of the county.  Mount Vernon also has been trained and is ticketing without an IMA, so they are also not getting paid.


Mr. Harckham noted that the Board should have been allowed to pass the IMA's first, before the municipalities were trained.  Ms. Monohan  said it was an oversight and apologized for not informing the Board that municipalities were   being trained before IMA's were signed.


Chief McGlynn stated that these IMA"S were to the County's benefit, even though the money was shared, because it would put more eyes on the street and result in more fines being collected.


Ms. Perez asked Ms. Monohan whether the yearly reports had been sent.  She replied that they had been sent to Mr. Oros and she would check on it.



a. IMA - For-Hire Vehicles County/Municipalities-DRAFT
b. IMA For Hire Vehicles County-Municipalities FINAL
c. IMA - For-Hire Vehicles County-Municipalities-Draft 2
2. ACT-2012-99 : IMA-Prisoner Transportation-Peekskill

An ACT authorizing the County to enter into an Inter-municipal Agreement with the City of Peekskill in order to provide reimbursement for prisoner transportation to the Westchester County Jail.

Ms. Perez announced that we would discuss the IMA's for Yonkers and Peekskill together.  Deputy Commissioner Mazzuca and Deputy Warden Vollmer of the Department of Correction explained both IMA's. 


For Peekskill, this IMA will be for time spent transporting prisoners to the Westchester County Jail. They are reimbursed for transport time only up to a maximum of 5 hours a day. 


Warden Vollmer noted that if we were to take that burden ourselves we would have to hire at least 2 additional officers, do maintenance and upkeep on vehicles etc.  It is more beneficial for us to pay them to do the transports.


Yonkers is paid a flat rate because if we paid Yonkers per hour as we do with Peekskill,  it would cost much more.


Mr. Harckham asked if there are any differences between the previous IMA's and the current one.  Mr. Vollmer replied that the only change is that Peekskill and Yonkers have both agreed to transport prisoners arrested by County police, which would free up our officers to do other work.

a. IMA-Prisoner Transportation-Peekskill-DRAFT
3. ACT-2012-100 : IMA-Prisoner Transportation-Yonkers

An ACT authorizing the County to enter into an Inter-municipal Agreement with the City of Yonkers in order to provide reimbursement for prisoner transportation to the Westchester County Jail.

Please refer to Item #2

a. IMA-Prisoner Transportation-Yonkers-DRAFT

Unfinished Business and any other agenda items to come before the Committee.

1. 5117 : HON. MARYJANE SHIMSKY: Greenburgh Resolution-Indian Point Closure

Forwarding a Resolution from the Town of Greenburgh calling for the closure of Indian Point.

Ms. Shimsky discussed the Resolution from Greenburgh urging the closing of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant.  She noted that this had become more urgent since the nuclear plant disaster in Japan.


Ms. Shimsky noted that she wanted to use this as an opportunity to raise the consciousness of my fellow legislators and other people of Westchester and discuss the risks of this county in regard to Indian Point.


Mr. Harckham suggested that we should get an update on the evacuation plan for this area from the Commissioners of DES and Public Safety.




a. COMM-Greenburgh Resolution-Indian Point Closure-DRAFT

Moved by Legislator Harckham seconded by Legislator Perez the Committee on Public Safety & Security adjourned at {MinutesClosed:h:mm tt} with a vote of 2 - 0.


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