Committee Meeting
4/30/2012 1:00 PM
Committee Room
148 Martine Avenue, 8th Floor   White Plains, NY 10601

With a quorum present, {MinutesOpenedBy} called the meeting to order at {MinutesOpened:h:mm tt}.

Roll Call

Others In Attendance: CEO: L. Jackson LAW: J. Castro-Blanco, J. Adin, E. Cipollo BUDGET: L. Soule HRC: J. Epps-Duckett BOL: C. Crane, M. Gallagher, M. Jackson, L. Goldstein, M. Montalto GUESTS: A. Clousner, M. Zarfas


1. RES-2012-21 : HOME RULE REQUEST-Electronic Public Bond Sale

A Home Rule Request for the enactment of Assembly Bill Number 9537 and Senate Bill Number 6371-A entitled "An ACT to amend the local finance law, in relation to the electronic public bond sale pilot program; and to amend chapter 304 of the laws of 2009, amending the local finance law relating to the establishment of an electronic public bond sale pilot program for Westchester County, in relation to extending the expiration date of the provisions thereof."

With a motion by Legislator Shimsky and seconded by Legislator Williams the item below was approved with a vote of 6-0.


Legislator Kaplowitz stated that he would like to see this legislation become permanent and not sunset every five years. He suggested the Committee attach a letter to the Home Rule Request stating so. The Committee agreed.

a. RES-Home Rule Request - Extention of Electronic Bond Sale Program-DRAFT
2. LL-2012-9 : Amendment to the Fair Housing Law

An amendment to the Fair Housing Law of the Westchester County Human Rights Law in order to obtain full certification as substantially equivalent to the federal Fair Housing Act by the  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Committee will continue the discussion of this item with the Law Department, the Human Rights Commission, members of Westchester Residential Opportunities, and the Budget Department.


Jim Castro-Blanco from the Law Department stated that he spoke to a representative at HUD and it his understanding that if the bill was changed to say that the Human Rights Commission has already found a probable cause for the complaint then the County would go to court not representing the client, but representing the Human Rights Commission, then we would be in compliance with HUD and the County would have no problems with the bill. He stated that his office is working on the language for the Committee now. A discussion ensued and Jerrice Epps-Duckett, Acting Director of the Human Rights Commission agreed with Mr. Castro-Blanco that this legislation would work for her office.


Larry Soule, Westchester County Budget Director, stated in 2009 we received $128,000 from HUD in FHAP funding, in 2010 we received $139,00, and last year we received $77,894.  He said this year the budget shows $139,000 but we do not expect to get reimbursed that much, he said we are expecting more along the lines of $75,000.


Andrea Clousner and Marlene Zarfas of Westchester Residential Opportunities spoke to the Committee about their work pertaining to the Fair Housing Law and how it affects their organization. They stated that they are very much in favor of having a local Human Rights Commission.  Ms. Zarfas stated that although the law calls for it, there is no representation for the complainant in court unless they hire their own.  A discussion ensued regarding the procedures of the Human Rights Commission as well as the state Commission.


The Committee recessed at the call of the Chair at 2:14 pm.


Chairman Ryan called the Committee to order, ending the recess at 3:05 pm.


Chairman Ryan stated that we need the new legislation from the Law Department as soon as possible. He said we will continue the discussion when the updated legislation is available.




a. LOCAL LAW-Amending Section 700 28 of the Fair Housing Law-DRAFT
b. LOCAL LAW- Amending Section 700 28 of the County Fair Housing Law DRAFT #2
c. LOCAL LAW- Amending Section 700 28 of the County Fair Housing Law 03-23-12-DRAFT #3
d. LL- Amending Section 700 28 of the County Fair Housing Law-DRAFT #4

Moved by Legislator Harckham seconded by Legislator Perez the Committee on Legislation adjourned at {MinutesClosed:h:mm tt} with a vote of 6-0.

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