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Lawsuit Settlements-Jeffrey Deskovic and Linda McGarr v. City of Peekskill, Putnam County, Westchester County, et al


Department:Budget & AppropriationsSponsors:D17 Legislator Jose Alvarado


An Act authorizing the settlement of the lawsuits entitled Jeffrey Deskovic v. City of Peekskill, Putnam County, Westchester County, et al and Linda McGarr v. City of Peekskill, Putnam County, Westchester County, et al.

Meeting History

Apr 11, 2011 10:00 AM Video Budget & Appropriations Committee Meeting

This item was a wrongful conviction of Jeffrey Deskovic who served in prison for 17 years for a crime that he was not guilty of. The Sub-Committee on Litigation spent a considerable amount of time in executive session on the merits of the case and exposure of the County. The matter was subject to mediation which was conducted by former Justice DiBlasi. The mediation resulted in a proposed settlement which was very favorable to the County and should be acted upon. Mr. Meehan explained that there was a conflict with a County employee and outside counsel, Peter Harrington, was hired to represent Dr. Roh. Mr. Castro Blanco then went on to explain the settlement. The County will pay a total to Mr. Deskovic and his mother of $6.75 million with $6.5 million to Mr. Deskovic. He will receive $4 million this year and $2.5 million next year and his mother will receive $250,000 this year. This will be in total satisfaction to all claims that have anything to do with his incarceration. The case still continues against other parties that are involved in the lawsuit but not the County. On the motion of Legislator Burton, seconded by Chairman of the Board Jenkins for Budget & Appropriations, the motion passed by a vote of 10-0 (Alvarado, Ryan, Burton, Myers, Harckham, Jenkins, Spreckman, A. Williams, Rogowsky, Marcotte).

Apr 11, 2011 7:00 PM Video Board of Legislators Regular Meeting


Mr. Alvarado and Mr. Nonna presented the report and Act and moved that the report be received, filed and approved and the Act adopted, which motion was carried by the following vote.

AYES:Peter Harckham, James Maisano, Jose Alvarado, Gordon A. Burrows, Judith Myers, John Nonna, Michael Kaplowitz, Sheila Marcotte, Martin Rogowsky, William J. Ryan, MaryJane Shimsky, John G. Testa, Alfreda Williams, Lyndon Williams, Kenneth W. Jenkins
ABSENT:William Burton, Bernice Spreckman